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This tutorial will show you how to install Android 2.2 FroYo on the Samsung Intercept. In my case this phone was running BasicRom 1.7 so we could not get the OTA update for it. This video was recorded in HD using my Samsung Epic 4G running TrulyEpic ROM FroYo 2.2.. Oh the irony.. I have several how to vids and demos for every DK28 2.2 Epic ROM out there. Please subscribe, like, and visit my other videos! Thank you. This is fairly simple, so lets get started. 1) Download for SWupgrade: www6.sprint.com 2) Download for LouZiffer’s patch: www.mediafire.com 3) Download for SPH-M910_MR_DF27_REL_156.tar.md5: www.megaupload.com 4) Download for Update.zip: 02ee24b.netsolhost.com 5) Download for USB drivers (install PDAnet): www.junefabrics.com Ok, so you have all your files, lets get this going. Install SWupdate Install LouZiffer’s Patch Install PDAnet to get drivers for USB Copy the Update.zip file to the root of your Intercept SD card Copy the SPH-M910_MR_DF27_REL_156.tar.md5 file to: C:\Program Files\Samsung Electronics\SWupgrade\models\binary (if you run a 64 bit OS copy to Program Files (x86)) **IF THERE ARE ANY FILES IN THE BINARY FOLDER DELETE IT / THEM 1ST OR YOU COULD BRICK YOUR INTERCEPT ** Now rename the SPH-M910_MR_DF27_REL_156.tar.md5 to SPH-M910_MR_DF27_REL_156.tar (just remove the .md5) Run SWupgrade and follow the on-screen instructions to the end. (This will take several minutes) Your phone will reboot (this will take several minutes) Power off the phone Hold down

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  • rhymefest2 says:

    how come you cant do it with virgin mobile?

  • medinasoft says:


  • bossman82011 says:

    i wait like 20 minutes for it to recognizr my phone after i do the down camera and end key and it doesnt bring up another screen when i hit next?? any help

  • WillieFGreen says:

    @Randyshear.Continued..You said to install the update zip, to the “root” of you SD card. Did you mean like the general level where you can see all of the cards files on? When I update to the SDX rom, I had to place the zip files in a folder which I had created called SDX, with three subfolders, one of which was titled zip. I didn’t see that firmware update come up on yours, so I was wondering if I should have put it there.

    Also, are you familiar with App2Sd? Thanks A LOT MAN! Huge SUCCESS!

  • WillieFGreen says:

    Good Job Randy, and thanks for your time. I have the Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept, and I had before updated it using and SDX Rom(or software), which ever is the correct term, and I wanted to say that I followed each direction that you’d given step by step, and it worked perfectly for me. So to those who screw your phone up, it’s on YOU!
    But Randy, quick question. When I booted up and got going it searched for a firmware update and didn’t find it. Is this a problem?

  • crankinrankin2511 says:

    Since your using a version of android (froyo android v2.2) that was designed to work with a sprint phone and your with Virgin Mobile I bet your 3G speeds are greatly reduced.

  • crankinrankin2511 says:


  • crankinrankin2511 says:

    ALERT!!!! VIRGIN MOBILE USERS UPDATE!!!! Sorry I made a typo in my comment below. Need to correct it as it completely changes the whole meaning of what I was trying to say. I meant to say, “This is because ur applying a froyo version that was NOT meant for a VM phone. The froyo update in this video was designed for those on a Sprint network, not Virgin Mobile”.

  • crankinrankin2511 says:

    ALERT!!!! VIRGIN MOBILE USERS!!!! Please note various problems will arise if u do this tutorial.This is because ur applying a froyo version that was meant for a VM phone.VM has not come out with an official 2.2 yet. True VM uses sprint towers but there is still a difference between sprint &VM that will cause various things on your phone 2no longer work if ur with VM. In my experience after updating to 2.2 3g speeds were greatly reduced.MMS no longer works&getting voicemail pop up complaints.

  • crankinrankin2511 says:

    Brilliant! I can confirm it worked on my intercept. I also use Virgin Mobile instead of sprint and it updated fine and can make calls just fine. About the only problem I had was getting the USB Cable that came with my Intercept to work properly on XP PRO SP3. At first XP would always give an error; couldn’t recognize the phone via usb. After Several reboots of my PC and Phone & unmounting & reinserting my SD Card, XP finally recognized the phone via USB and I could proceed.

  • elcorodr says:

    @RonaldrDeleon Really ? :O

  • BL00dsExandb00zE says:

    I can’t find a way to download my usb drivers. I’ve been looking everywhere…and everytime i find something it doesnt work or it says it wont work on my computer or something. Can you help me out give me a link….?

  • wwjoshdew says:

    Ha. You use JDownloader! I couldn’t imagine downloading stuff without it! :-) And I used to user PowerISO. but now I settle with ImgBurn.

  • RonaldrDeleon says:

    Virgin Mobile tweeted that Samsung intercept Froyo 2.2 is going to be available this Spring 2011 so if you are patience enough you could get the official update

  • Kenytnyt says:

    will this work on samsung galaxy 5?

  • 2pluz4is7 says:

    Can u do this with the intercept from virgin mobil though

  • MrTrevor321 says:

    how do u flash the stock?

  • FirstWard24 says:

    This is the best phone ever! No BS! I love my FROYO & ROOTED phone. I want to pass on the kickback code that I used to get 60 minutes for free. Type in Case Sensitive: yJJ6VPJT when you activate your new Virgin Mobile phone!

  • StuPedassle711 says:

    I don’t doubt that this is some kind of trojan.

  • lifeafterdies says:

    Has anyone had trouble with their GPS functioning? mine won’t start..

  • G1Jetscream says:

    dude it wont let me update it says error

  • mobb09 says:

    @randyshear i got a new fone so fuxk ur help now yu were bein a jackass instead of unbricking my phone which yu dont know how to do cuz its impossible yu fuxkin dick kill ur self

  • Rakggi says:

    Thank you very much Randy, this video helped me a lot updating my Intercept :]

  • elcorodr says:

    @christianm1196 Thank you soo much.. I’ll be waiting for the video :)

  • christianm1196 says:

    @elcorodr well, when your installing it theres 2 ways to find the file, you can just throw the ROM any where in your SD card (literally anywhere) then use file manager,look for it, press the optic button and then home, or drop the ROM into the zip folder from your computer. then go to your phone (recovery mode) and click install(whatever)** and there ya go, i know this sounds sketchy, but its because im typing off memory of how to do it..i think i’ll post a video tomorrow..

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